Post creative block musings. What to do when you get stuck.


1) Stop trying so hard

Whatever you are creating has a life and soul of its own.

The content of your new website/e-book/app needs a few days just “being” before you come back for editing (and more editing)… Respect timing, and things will align in rhythm. Just like the seasons do.

Our best work is not necessarily the most revised, polished, perfected work. Our best work is organic, kind of magical, and in flow.

2) Search for inspiration elsewhere

This is beyond taking a trip to the art gallery or reading a new author for different insight. It’s a more challenging exercise of trying to express your ideas through a foreign medium.

If you write, try recording audios; if you draw, try clay; if you’re overly logical, experiment with intuition. And in general, if you think too much, try to meditate. This last one is the best advice I’ve ever taken on board.

Now suck at it.

Allow it to be rough, or surprise yourself by having fun. Cringe about it or love it. Whatever experience you have at this point is exactly what needs to be released for you to get un-stuck.

Using a method you don’t claim to be an expert at will give you permission to make mistakes and let go of expectations. Less pressure will liberate good ideas, which you can then develop using your familiar skills set.

3) Notice what’s happening

This touches back on the best advice I’ve ever taken on board. Be mindful while you work through your blockages.

Getting stuck is usually a sign that there’s something new wanting to be expressed. It’s a good opportunity to ask yourself: Am I doing what I’m meant to be doing? Am I following my heart or am I too caught up in anticipating the outcome?

We grow when we are uncomfortable as we’re literally stretching our limits. It’s the same with exercise and fitness, and it’s like that with purposeful work. Discomfort is good, so try to stay with it before you reach to your phone, to another coffee, etc and notice what’s happening.

4) Move

If we feel stuck, life is calling for movement, quite literally. Walk, dance, play with the dog, ride your bike, move the furniture, rearrange your desk.

Then create.

Rinse, repeat.

Our gift is perfectly packaged somewhere in our devoted hearts and incredible brains. It wants to be expressed, but it’s going to feel yuck before it’s yum.

Carolina x