Here are a few kind words from the people who remind me of why I love doing what I do.



I was looking for someone to design a logo for me, but I got so much more than that! I got beautiful branding that I'm proud of, and that I constantly receive positive feedback about. Carolina is so lovely to work with - friendly, open, and compassionate. She helps you to explore and clarify your dreams and empowers you to go for them! The work we did  helped me become much clearer on what I wanted my business to be about, and that I could combine my interests and passions in one beautiful brand.

Kali Lohman – Psychologist and Mindfulness Coach



Carolina’s work at the Multicultural Development Association was simply fantastic. At a time when the organisation was struggling to find our visual personality, Carolina’s bold designs brought our brand to life in the most creative way. As a multicultural organisation, her understanding of the need for our brand and design outputs to represent the diversity of our work was especially important.

Akua Afriyie Ahenkorah, Former Media and Communications Manager, Multicultural Development Association


Carolina finds a perfect balance between taking design direction, but also imparting her creative business flair. She is patient and goes above and beyond in delivering a design job. I felt she was genuinely as passionate about the design project as me and I truly consider her part of my team. Carolina has a real calling for design and I know anyone I referred would be thrilled with her work.

Lauren Shuttleworth – Founder, Words with Heart



I have found my work with Amora Creative to be nothing short of amazing. Carolina helped me clarify the vision for my business and in doing so reminded me of the value and unique talents I bring to the marketplace. Throughout our journey together I felt that I was heard and appreciated as an individual. I knew that the end result would be a true reflection of me, not some cookie-cutter generic branding package that I could have found online. I highly recommend Amora Creative’s services to any conscientious entrepreneur who wants to make a difference in the market place.

Lindsey T. H. Jackson – Director, LTHJ Creative Living



The branding process that Carolina guided me through allowed me to hone in on my personality, the personality of my clients and created a brand that really resonates and garners attention. I love what Carolina created and I constantly receive positive feedback about my branding and the vibe it creates!

Michelle Keeffe – Founder, Speed of Life Coaching




The entire process was an empowering journey of discovery, and enabled me to launch my business with a clear vision, heart and deep excitement for all that lies ahead. It truly is like Carolina is able to see deep within and bring the treasures to the surface for all to see in a way that is authentic to your business. I am extremely grateful for Carolina and her support and belief in my work.

Marnie Collins – Owner, Warrioress Within.



I have really loved working with Carolina.  She has been instrumental refining my vision for my business and has helped me to clarify how I can best connect with clients who will enjoy working with me, as much as I will with them. Aside from all of the lovely products that I now have, I now feel much better prepared to market myself and my business. She is exceedingly generous with her time and expertise and is worth every penny!

Kelly Gall – Director, Healthy Inside & Out



My branding completely exceeded my expectations. I got a look and feel for my business that is spot on. And a look and feel that my business can grow into and I can feel proud of. Whenever I post anything on social media or to my email database I feel really proud of my business' image and that's really important to me. Carolina just knows her stuff, she's great at what she does and doesn't lower her standards.

Adriana Solorzano – Founder, Lit Up