Goddess in the Boardroom is a mentoring program run by Rachel O'brien – a remarkable business coach and speaker who brings a bold and innovative outlook to the corporate arena. After 20 years devoted to a very large organisation overseeing billions of dollars, Rachel's work now revolves around coaching high-level female leaders to embrace their feminine skills, and bring a kinder, more balanced approach to contemporary leadership.


Rachel asked Amora Creative to come up with a brand identity for the program, and help her communicate the vision behind Goddess in the Boardroom.



After workshopping the brand's ethos and laying down a communications plan, I came up with a tagline and a look & feel, that was at the same time strong and soft, powerful and peaceful, structured and fluid. A beautiful contrast that represents femininity at its fullest.

"The vision of this program is to re-educate and challenge women to be women.
To build confidence in their strengths and courage to participate more fully in the most senior leadership roles. In doing so, we create diversity and shape a more compassionate and economically viable future of business and the world."